2130 W Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13219-1616
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Award, Fresh Seafood Market in Syracuse, NY
Congratulations to this year's honored business!

Raw Seafood in Syracuse, New York

Westvale Fish Cove in Syracuse, New York, offers raw seafood so you can have your own fish fry. Our seafood arrives to our store fresh daily.

Fish Market

When you're looking for the finest in raw seafood for your next meal or fish fry, stop by our fresh market. We receive and sell fresh seafood daily. You can buy some freshly made meals or pick up what you need.

From fresh salmon and lobster tails to jumbo shrimp, clams, calamari and scallops, we have a variety of raw seafood ready for pickup. Come by to get just what you need for your own fish fry.

Market Menu:
Cooked Colossal Shrimp
16-20: $16.49 Lb.

Cooked Jumbo Shrimp
21-25: $14.49 Lb.

Raw Colossal Shrimp
16-20: $14.99 Lb.

Raw Jumbo Shrimp
21-25: $12.99 Lb.
Lobster Tails (8 Oz. – 10 Oz.)
$15.25 Each

Lobster Tails (10 Oz. – 12 Oz.)
$16.50 Each

Raw Oysters
Market Price

Sea Scallops
Market Price

Tubes Only: $5.49 Lb.
Special order items must be called in by Monday before 6:30 p.m.

Quahog Clams $43.38 Bushel
$25.31 1/2 Bushel
$15.26 1/4 Bushel
Cherry Stone Clams
125 $49.10
60 $24.40
Top Neck Clams
150 $64.15
75 $34.97
Reg Neck Clams
200 $73.95
100 $39.87
Little Neck Clams
200 $97.25
100 $53.00
Mahogany Clams
300 $64.50
Maine Mussels
10 Lb. Box $26.75
Farm-Raised Salmon: Whole or Fillets – Market Price
When you want raw seafood you can cook yourself,
contact our fresh seafood market in Syracuse, New York.